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Hydrogen peroxide (Hpo Sterilization)

Hydrogen Peroxide, which contains free radicals, is extremely reactive and kills the microorganism by interacting with the cell membrane and cell organelles of microorganisms.
It sterilizes the instruments sensitive to heat and moisture, prevents corrosion caused by moisture and enables the instruments to be used longer.
It can sterilize at low temperatures (40-55 oC).
It can sterilize lumens devices.
It is user and environment friendly, only water and oxygen are produced as waste.
Does not use and expose toxic substances, sterilized loads can be used immediately.
It completes sterilization in under 30 minutes and has a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6.
There is no need for infrastructure other than electrical connection.
It has low purchasing and operating costs.
Loads to be sterilized can be sterilized in Tyvek packages.


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