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VHP Decontamination Room

The pass box is necessary for the rapid transport of goods and to minimize the movement of personnel and unnecessary human traffic entering and leaving the cleanroom. It is installed at the cleanroom entrance to minimize the amount of particulate contamination entering the cleanroom.

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Description: VHP Decontamination Chamber (Vapor phase Hydrogen Peroxide transition chambers) is an effective solution to transfer material from lower cleaning area to higher cleaning aseptic area.

Working principle: It sterilizes the outer surface of materials with gaseous hydrogen peroxide under normal temperature during transfer, to effectively prevent microbial contamination. Aseptic guarantee level up to 6 logs.

Applications: Science lab, drugs, micro organism studies, etc.


1. Sterilization process < 120 minutes, ie more than one Sterilization process can be performed in one day.

2. Adopts clean compressed air for power, which can reduce the effect of pressure difference while taking air from the room.

3. The separation filter can effectively reduce the residual VHP concentration, which will reduce the impact on the environment and personnel.

4. It can maintain from the up or down side, which reduces the inspection area.

5. The factory can make a corner sterilization pass box that will increase the use of space and improve distribution.

Sterilization Process

Cabinet Leak Test – Entry Lot No. and Startup Sterilization – Dehumidification – Temperature Regulation – Concentration Regulation – Sterilization – Residue Removal

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