Our Service Areas

As Rst Medical, we have always attracted attention with our wide range of products in the medical device manufacturing sector, and has succeeded in being among the few companies in our country in terms of quality and product portfolio. Rst Medikal has the European Standards Ce Certificate and has presented its products to various parts of the world, including Europe and the Middle East. To summarize briefly;

  • Steam Sterilizer
  • Air Steam Sterilizer
  • Sterilization devices used in the biopharmaceutical field
  • Double cover sterilizer
  • Bioseal compatible sterilizer
  • Pass Boxes
  • Pass Box
  • Dynamik Pass Box
  • Static pass box
  • Decontamination Rooms
  • Fimugation chamber
  • Wash disinfectant
  • Hydrogen peroxide sterilizer
  • Pharmalab
  • Liquid Sterilizer
  • Sterilizer Suitable for Bsl3 Laboratories
  • Sterilizer Suitable for Bsl4 Laboratories
  • Autoclave – Hot Water Autoclave
  • Medical Waste Sterilizer
  • Bottle Sterilizer
  • Pharmaceutical Sterilizer
  • Serum Sterilizer

It provides services in many areas such as and produces special production autoclave devices according to customer requests.