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R-SERIES Sterilizer

Application areas: Central Sterilization Units, State Hospitals, Private hospitals, Laboratories,

Transaction Loads; Textile Fabrics, Surgical Surgery Sets, Container Sets,

Processes: Sterilization

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Capacities 160 lt 250 lt. 450 lt. 550 lt. 670 lt. 830 lt. Xl 800 lt. Xl 1000 lt. Xl 1290 lt.
Cell boiler 316 L quality stainless steel
Control Panel 7nch touch video graphic display 10nch touch video graphic display
Control system Plc control
Boiler interior cleaning Electro polishing standard. (Optional mechanical polishing)
Jacket system High pressure resistant 316 L stainless steel is insulated against heat losses. It is designed in a U shape to wrap on 4 surfaces.
Cover system Designed to withstand high pressures, silicone material resistant to high temperatures, sealing with air pressure,
Exterior surface AISI 304 quality stainless steel
Sterilization Programs 8 standard programs, 10 special programs (99 special programs are optional)
Test programs Fugitive Leak, Bowie & Diick
Remote access Optional
Air cooling Optional
Water saving system It provides optional 50% water saving.


Steam separator Specially designed, optional hand feature to separate gas, water and air formed in the steam.
Air sensor Optional
Temperature value 121°C  ,    125°C   ,  134°C ,      137°C
Pressure sensors 4-20 mA pressure transmitter digital value reading
Pneumatic Valve Stainless steel material resistant to rust and corrosion,
Steam line Stainless steel pipes
Water Level Control Special level sensor that can withstand high temperature and pressure controlling 3 levels
Vacuum pump Water ring vacuum pump that will provide 70 mbar vacuum level, model suitable for capacity
Max. Cell Pressure 2400 mbar
Max. Jacket Pressure 2800 mbar
Max. Generator pressure                                                                                                3400 mbar
Air pressure 6-8 bar
Electrical safety Places close to contact 24 Vdc power line, short circuit protected safety system,
Cabin pressure value ± 50 mbar opening at Atmosphere Pressure

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160 lt., 160-1290 litre, 250 lt., 450 lt., 500 Litre, 550 lt., 670 lt., 830 lt., XL-1000 lt., XL-1290 lt., XL-800 lt.


two years