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RST Series Autoclave

Application areas: Central Sterilization Units, State Hospitals, Private hospitals, Laboratories, Bio-medicine, Food

Transaction Loads; Textile Fabrics, Surgical Surgery Sets, Container Sets, Closed Liquids,

Processes: Sterilization


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Technology: The electronic control system has been made much more resistant to electrical fluctuations.
Clear and simple menus were prepared for users by placing a TFT touch screen up to 10 inches for the loading area.
Temperature and pressure values ​​are displayed on the screen by using electronic sensors that can make precise measurements at high temperature and pressure values.

Hygiene: The outer surface of the device is made of 304 quality stainless material that is easy to clean and reduces contamination and bacteria formation.
Ergonomics: More accessible, simple to use screens and menus with a modern and versatile interface were used.
Sustainability: Maintenance costs have been reduced by redesigning parts that require maintenance.
Efficiency: Energy and water consumption has been reduced by using innovative components and parts.
Comfort: Functional accessories have been designed adapted to the loading requirements.
Our existing software also has two types of programs.

Sterilization Programs: Includes programs adjusted in accordance with the structure of the materials to be sterilized. There is also a special program menu that the user can create according to his needs.

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160 lt., 250 lt., 450 lt., 50-6000 lt., 500 Litre, 550 lt., 670 lt., 830 lt., XL-1000 lt., XL-1290 lt., XL-800 lt.


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