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RST- Air Steam Sterilizer

Application Areas: Food, Bio-drug

Processing Loads: Canned foods, Large volume parenterals, Blood bags, Syringes

Processes: Sterilization

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Sterilization of aqueous solutions in closed containers (LVP, bottles, PFS, blisters, etc.) is critical for a very specific reason: the pressure inside the primary container is higher than the saturated vapor pressure outside, and also the temperature. This can affect the product and / or the container itself, with the risk of deformation.

That’s why our unique approach to counter pressure sterilization:

  • Flexibility: Control of critical process parameters to ensure maximum flexibility of the sterilization cycle and prevent unwanted deformation / damage of the containers by applying the most appropriate heat treatment to the product.
  • Total control: Total temperature and pressure control (steam + air). A flow diverter and one or more fans ensure uniform distribution of the mixture.
  • Process optimization: The load comes out dry and ready to use.
  • Integration and verification: Pre-validated and standardized for all our machines.
  • Integration and verification: Pre-validated and standardized for all our machines.

Ek bilgi


50-6000 lt.


two years

Cover System

Automatic cover system in vertical and horizontal direction

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Technicial Specifications

  • In addition to the versions varying from 160 to 10,000 liters developed by RST MEDICAL, the load capacity can be measured according to the needs of the customer.
  • The interior surface of the chamber is mechanically polished to a roughness less than Ra <0.4 μm.
  • Automatic vertical sliding or semi-automatic folding doors are available in 1 or 2-door versions, depending on the customer’s needs to optimize the available space.
  • At least 5 PT100 RTD probes (3 flexible + 2 fixed) for temperature control in chamber and product.
  • Automatic sterilization of the air filter is completed with the fixed thermo-probe in the filter bell to monitor the temperature inside.
  • 2 steps for verification sensors.
  • Door seal provided with a gasket with a unique RST MEDICAL profile.
  • Seals patented by RST MEDICAL and guaranteeing 100% door tightness. These seals are FDA compliant and also USP Class VI compliant.
  • All stainless steel 316L- 1.4435 and 316L – 1.4404 hydraulic system with unique quick couplings and silicon seals.
  • Equipped with one or more fans depending on the size of the chamber, with the ventilation system, it provides a better seal in the chamber,