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RST-Laboratory Sterilizer

Application Areas: Food, Bio-medicine, Cosmetics, Microbiology

Process Loads: Canned food, Open and airtight containers, Large volume parenterals, Machine parts, Blood bags, Syringes, Tools, Wrapped instruments, Culture medium, Clothing, Glassware

Processes: Sterilization



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The RST laboratory cabinet autoclave is an independent sterilizer with a high flexibility of use, ranging from quality laboratories in pharmaceutical or food companies to laboratories with the BLS 3-4 classification in research centers and hospitals. or university.

The most common applications for the RST series are:

  • Microbiological and analytical laboratories;
  • Research institutes;
  • Biotechnology and life science companies;
  • Laboratories in diagnostic and veterinary clinics;
  • Quality laboratories of food, chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

RST, like all RST MEDICAL laboratory autoclaves, has a modular design that allows this sterilizer to be adapted for multiple uses.

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50-6000 lt.


two years